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Who says leather motorbike racing suits are not safe, especially now when we have got motorcycle riding gear with us. Motorcycle gear takes care of your safety during regular leather motorbike rides and even professional motorbike races. But how can you choose the best road suit for yourself? Don’t worry, we have already decided on one for you.

Best racing suit 2019 The best racing suit of all time is the very popular Jorge Lorenzo leather suit 2019. It has an additional leather layer stitched on the knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows for extra drag and crash protection.  It features pre-curved sleeves ensuring a proper and comfortable riding position. It also comes with a semi auto-lock feature for secure closure.

Do I need a motorcycle Suit? Yes, you do need a motorcycle suit because it reduces the impact of collision force whenever something hits your body, especially the sensitive parts like elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, etc. As a result, the intensity of hitting force is decreased and your body parts are saved from high and sudden force pressure. So never take a motorbike suit for granted.

Why do customers buy from us? Our riding suits are made of specially processed and drum-dyed selected top grain leather for high durability and abrasion resistance. Our products are CE-approved, so you never have to worry about their quality or durability. We added foam padding on the knees and elbow for reducing crash impact. Our riding suits are double and triple stitched on the most sensitive plane for ensuring maximum safety. You can also ask us to add an aerodynamic extended speed hump to provide maximum protection to your neck and backbone keep you safe.

Does a Leather Motorbike suit protect you? Yes, leather motorbike suits definitely protect you from scratches, drags, and abrasions. This is because they have exclusive rubber padding on the critical parts for extra protection. Motorbike suits with removable dual density armors at elbows, shoulders, and knees are also available in the market for added user compliance. For maximum spine protection, the spine protector (removable dual-density) is also fitted in motorbike gear. Last but not the least, these suits also have removable knee sliders so that you can easily wear them or take them off.

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